"With great knowledge comes great responsibility." If you've heard of wrongs that need to be made right and spoken up about, what are you going to do about it now? Every voice counts, and we invite you to take action on some crucial issues we would like to draw your attention to. 

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Instructions to Vote IN PERSON

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Voting in person greatly hinders tracking voter participation. The election process is compromised by tracking the mail-in ballots and calculating who will vote. 

Stop the WHO
from seizing power


2,000 Mules Movie Event

North America

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Director Dinesh D’Souza has uncovered a massive, coordinated voter fraud operation that swung the 2020 election to the Democrats. Click on the poster to watch the movie trailer and learn more about the election fraud and how you can take action.  

URGENT-BILLS that oppose 
Medical Rights

Call your state assembly member to take action before May 23-27

Child at the Pediatrician

Good news! The punish-good-doctors bill, AB 2098, did not come up for a vote in Thursday's abbreviated Assembly floor session!


This means this horrible bill revoking the licenses of honest, caring doctors -- along with AB 1797's statewide vaccine database and AB 2223 legalizing infanticide -- will be on the Assembly floor May 23-27, which is the final week to pass bills in their house of origin.

Follow the directions in the button to urge your own state assemblymember to oppose AB 2098, AB 1797, and AB 2223. 

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