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Board of Supervisors Meeting



Play your part in this defense of your country, your family, and your individual freedoms. Follow up with prayer and action.

CRA meeting
board of supervisors please attend
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Current Action Points

Naitional &

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Here is a brief overview of the 10 worst bills introduced this year just to give you a flavor of what we are up against and why we need your help to oppose them.

  1. AB 957: Parents to Lose Custody of Kids Over Transgenderism.

  2. AB 655: Minors Can Consent to Counseling Without Parents. 

  3. ACA 5: Repeals Traditional Marriage Proposition 8 from State Constitution.

  4. AB 315: Enables Suing Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers over Misleading Speech.

  5. AB 1078: Prevents Local Control of Books/Curriculum in Public Schools.​

6. SB 345: Replaces Term “Unborn Child” 

     with “Fetus” in State Laws. 

7. AB 659: Mandates HPV Vaccine for

    Public and Private School Teenagers.

8. SB 58: Legalizes Mind-Altering Magic

    Mushroom for Recreational Use.

9. AB 1432: Required Insurance

    Companies to Cover Abortions and


10. AB 5: LGBTQ Indoctrination Training

     for Teachers.

Childrn & Schools

Children & Schools

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bi-monthl meeting



National & General

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Nationa & Gov

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