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Denise Aguilar of Freedom Angels

Gender Crisis in America with Guests The Hon. Michele Bachmann and Dr. Marcus Bachmann

The Freedom Angels organization ( has done something in California legislature that has never done before. Under the leadership of Denise Aguila and Tara Thornton, a group of 500 individuals (people just like you!) were able to build relationships with Legislators and overturn a portion of the SB866 Bill which would have mandated the the HPV vaccine for children 12yrs old. 
Formed in 2019, Freedom Angels trains people on state and local levels how to be effective grassroots lobbyists, how to build relationships, and how to navigate the political system. 

Click on the video to learn more about Freedom Angels and their current battle with Bills AB659, AB597, and AB665 and what you can do to join the battle and make a difference. 

One of the greatest lies running rampant across our country is that we have the option to change our gender, based on our feelings. On today’s edition of Family Talk, Michele Bachmann and her husband, Dr. Marcus Bachmann, discuss the gender crisis in America, and the fallout our society is experiencing because of this lie. We know from Scripture that the “enemy prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” Therefore, we must be “alert and of sober mind” to keep from falling prey to the devil and his schemes. We must not turn a blind eye to this terrifying and horrific injustice of “trans-gendering.” 

San Joaquin County Opens Disaster Recovery Center

damaged house.jpeg

San Joaquin County has opened a Disaster Recovery Center at the Robert J. Cabral Agricultural Center, located at 2101 E. Earhart Ave, Stockton, CA 95206. Multiple local, State, and Federal agencies will be available to assist San Joaquin County residents who have been impacted by floods.

Climate-mania!? Relax, Climate Cycles are Normal and Predictable

Watch this brief and fascinating video as Peter Temple from the World Cycles Institue explains how science has proven that the earth goes through normal periods of heating and cooling and we should not be spending billions of dollars trying to prevent the inevitable.


The worst thing you can think is that you can't do anything.
We invite you to take action.

Please read this resource from IFA to be informed.


There is a current lawsuit and great effort to bring Election Integrity to California - take a moment to investigate.






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